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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2015 or Bust

George Lucas has done it. Disney has bought Lucasfilm Ltd. for FOUR POINT OH SIX BILLION DOLLARS.

I am surprised, to say the least. But that does not mean that I am not excited. My mom says that I am more excited for Episode VII than I am for a college acceptance letter. She's right. (On a somewhat related note, I got all three of college applications into Wheaton College, Erskine College, and Cedarville University. Yay!)

Episodes VII, VIII, and IX are due to be released in 2015, 2017, and 2019 respectively. Oh yeah.

I personally want to see an adult Ben Skywalker with a kid of his own. The books have not gone into Ben's adulthood, and I think it would be great to continue the Skywalker family tree within the movies.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I am still completely shocked to hear this, I almost cannot believe that there will be another Star Wars movie. Although my favorite Star Wars stories outside of the OT are the Thrawn trilogy and KOTOR, it would be nearly impossible to make the Thrawn trilogy. Unless its animated.


  2. second i saw this i'm going "ooohh! wonder what 2015 has got to do with anything!" as of now i'm going "MWAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA! *Darth Talon fist pumps laughs evilly and begins thanking Helpusobi1 furiously for this post* it will be sooo sooo epic to see a NEW Star Wars movie in the theater! i can't wait! maybe i'll be like Linus from Peanuts but instead of yelling 'The Great Pumpkin is coming!' i'll yell "The Great New Star Wars Trilogy is coming!" then i'll sit in our backyard and wait for the Death Star to rise!

  3. I just want Ben to be in it and I pray SOOO hard that they have it played by a good actor...who looks like him...

  4. I'm sooo excited!! But I really hope they don't ruin it... I wonder if they are going to hold piblic auditions, or have a contest to be a background character...I hope I can be in it! :)
    I'll definately be one of those crazy fans there on opening night!!!
    BTW, you should check out my's Star Wars, too.