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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

...sequel trilogy?

Is it possible?
Is it possible to do so without ruining Star Wars for us?
Is it possible to do so without taking the existing Expanded Universe canon and stomping all over it?
These are the first three questions that popped into my head. 

Let me back up and start with the release of Revenge of the Sith. That was back in 2005... I was so young and naive. When George Lucas announced that there would be no more movies, I still held out hope for my favorite series of all time.

And there it was, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, my only hope, rising from the ashes of George Lucas's first announcement. It was my knight in shining armor. I watched the movie in theaters, and I was totally pumped for the series premier. It was awesome. After the first two seasons, however, the knight's shining armor began to become a little rusty. When Greedo is not a kid, it becomes dented. After Darth Maul was resurrected, the knight died. "So this how my Star Wars dies, to thunderous applause from hundreds upon thousands of both young and adult Cartoon Network viewers across the country," I said to myself.

But then, I remembered a wonderful proclamation by Lucas way back in 2005. My father and I dismissed it as nonsense, that George Lucas was dreaming. Star Wars: Underworld. Of course, this is most likely not the title, but still. When some actors signed on, including Daniel Logan, and Lucas announced that 50 scripts were completed, things were looking up.

But then George Lucas retired.


This completely messes it all up. I understand he will take an active role in Underworld's production (much like Young Indy), but he said he won't make any more movies.

All six movies will be released in 3D. Yay. Whatever. I have farsightedness that makes 3D movies basically ineffectual.

The possibility of a sequel trilogy being made after the 3D movies are released is exciting to say the least. I first started thinking about this possibility, believe it or not, while browsing the Star Wars messageboards on (my username is ninjavader999 on by the way). A thread titled "Sequel Trilogy" caught my eye. The poster was an awful linguist, posting in all lower caps and totally disregarding punctuation rules. But the fact that the thread was only created recently intrigued me.

Then I saw Buruk say something about a new trilogy. Yeah, woohoo. But he cited Edessa, and I knew something was up.

It seems that I am out of the loop, but I cannot find a single recent thing on such a trilogy. Anyone care to help?


  1. I've heard about it, but nothing in great detail. I think if George Lucas is not going to do the movies, then they will just not be worth while. I am really confused as to why he retired now of all times. It's all messed up I feel like.

    1. Well, to be honest, The Empire Strikes Back was the best movie, and Lucas didn't direct that one. Irvin Kershner did a great job.

  2. A very well written article. I liked them all, and almost every part of Star Wars is "my knight in shining armor", you could say. It hasn't been rusty for me; but I get what you mean. I agree with Helen

  3. since Eddy is my sister, i've heard all about it. she says that Lucas promised 9 movies. so far there are only 6. (clone wars doesn't count)she has no idea what they're about apparently, no matter how many times i've interrogated her. but it sounds cool. i mean, MORE STAR WARS!!????!!! EPICNESS! however, i can't help but wonder, what are they about? after ROTJ? Clone Wars again? TOR? either way, i can't wait!:D

  4. lol! Buruk sites me and something's up. hehehehe! XD

    Anyway, yes, I can actually get you into the loop with the super (kinda secret) website I consult for EVERYTHING movie. Just go to this link...
    ...and click on the links that say "Star Wars: New Trilogy."

    There's barely any info now (and probably won't be for the next five to ten-ish years) but it's a start. =) If I find any new info, I'll be sure to let you know! =D

  5. I have read about this a while back (link below) that there might be a new trilogy after the 3D re-releases are finished. However, Lucas was denied the claim as one would expect. It would be set 100 or 1000 years after Return of the Jedi and not feature any Skywalkers. My dream movie or TV series would be something Old Republic. Also I would hope that Lucas would have less say in what happens, especially the dialogue writing.


  6. I dod hear that Lucas originally planned for 9 movies, but he also planned a lot of other [crazy] stuff in the beginning, too. Actually, Luke's name was Luke Starkiller and in the REALLY early plans, Leia was not his sister. Lucas had planned for Luke to find his twin in 7,8, or 9. Later, he decided Leia was the sister and ended at 6. After all 6 movies were made, it turned out to be the story of Anakin Skywalker, and when he died in the end, it was over.
    They could do Luke's children and Leia's children, based on the books that have been written, but then it wouldn't be the same. Personnally, I don't like the stuff that comes after ROJ, so I don't mind if they don't make 7,8,&9. If they did make more, I would rather have The Old Republic or something before TPM