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Monday, September 10, 2012

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Ahh... the great debate.

Well, kind of. The first great debate (well, it's a one-sided debate, really) is "Why Jar-Jar?" The second great debate is "Mac or PC?"  The third great debate is "Original Trilogy or Prequel Trilogy?" The fourth great debate is "Captain Kirk or Captain Picard?" The fifth, then, is "Star Trek vs. Star Wars."

(The answers, by the way, are George Lucas was drunk, PC, Original Trilogy, Captain Picard, and Star Wars. ^-^)

Well, I found these comics making fun of the fifth great debate. They both make some pretty valid points. :P


  1. Star Wars is better. I don't care what anyone else says, it just is. I've never seen Star Trek, and I hopefully never will, but Star Wars is still better. And I like Jar-Jar. He's funny!
    You should check out my blogs, too, 'cause I love Star Wars!

  2. I agree that Star Wars is better, I just don't think Star Trek should be dismissed as awful. Because it's not.
    I really want to see Star Wars: Underground in order to see how that'll be able to be done as an episodic show without being lame or CG.

  3. I actually haven't seen Star Trek, but I am very sure that I would still love Star Wars better. :) I still think Star Trek would be fun though!

  4. We need to get more Trekkies on here. I'm tempted to defend Star Trek. But instead, lets settle for this:

    Star Wars + Star Trek crush LotR.

    Am I right? Thank you. As Han Solo might quip, "Hokey wizards and ancient rings are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid."


  5. While I do enjoy two of the Star Trek movies and watch some of the post 60s Trek series, Star Wars ia conpletely out of Trek's league its not even funny. Trek should be compared to something similar like the Stargate franchise. Star Wars is the greatest story ever told in the history of mankind followed by The Lord of the Rings.


  6. ha! i like star trek but star wars totally crushes it! star trek is one of those shows that i used to watch because i was bored and it was some form of entertainment. i mean, it was ok but it was all pretty much the same. but then i saw star wars. there is absolutely no comparison! i really don't like tolkein's books. he has this uncanny ability to take a perfectly good plotline and destroy it!never seen the movies but i will soon :)

  7. At least you found a good reason for Jar-Jar, I will be mad, very if he is in the next trilogy.